My Den of Craps



I’ve always been a bit eccentric when it comes to writing, I was living with mediocrity and unable to function well because I do not know what to write, I just want to create a traffic online monetize my blog, do some affiliate marketing , and that’s it even though I know deep inside, there is nothing interesting about me, Why would other people be interested in my articles that I myself were not interesting at all.
I realized that my negativity and views in life were literary shows in my writing. I often open another tab for a thesaurus , so that I can even make a negative word, sounds a bit encouraging, but even thought I used different terms of words the idea of the articles remains the same.
I need a change of view and character.
I realized that writing is another way of sharing your heart, and also this is what I really wanted to be. I am writing not because I want someone else to read it, I’m writing because this is my first love, I have been doing this since I was a child, I have been writing short stories since I was seven years old and dreaming that someday I can have my own library.
Changes are constant and there’s no certainty in life.
Bible is enough for me, it is a complete set of books, I want to have a library inside my heart
that the words of God are carved in it.
Still dreaming and setting goals in writing, this blog my way of expressing my ideas, sharing my crafty side, if it is necessary and also Sharing How God miraculously changing lives.
and this is the reason why I’m writing.
Hey Thanks 🙂

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