Reason’s Why I choose the window seats on the bus


               Have you ever found yourself beside the window of the bus or a car, conspicuously staring blankly, In deep thoughts, and mind traveling?

Well, I have the same question.  The window doesn’t make any sense at all but the view from it is the mere reason.

These are my honest reason’s why I chose the window seat.

  1.  Boredom.

The long travel hours are definitely the killer of good mood. I need to be inspired to get to work. I tend to feel worn out while traveling, but because of a good view outside it makes me feel a little satisfied.


2. To breathe out. (Depends on where I am going to)

This is if the window is open, I prefer to ride on a bus with an open window. If I’m going to travel on a countryside or a province.To breathe fresh air and feel the nature’s wind on.To breathe fresh air and feel the nature’s wind on.To breathe fresh air and feel the nature’s wind on my face.


I will never ride on the bus with an open window. .If you had experienced traveling in an air-polluted city, then you know what I mean.


3. Where I can rest my head.

This is to avoid being awkward.I experience being caught in an awkward situation that due to grogginess my head landed on a man’s  shoulder, which happened to be with his Girlfriend, well that is certainly unforgettable

4.  To see what’s happening outside.

I want to be aware of what is happening outside, I feel anxious easily maybe it’s because of too much exposure to movies such as “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Resident Evil”, That sometimes I Imagined being one of the survived characters in a thriller movie.


5. An escape to reality.

When I’m in trouble and in deep thought, I love to stare out the window, put my headphones on, listen to some tranquil songs, and sleep. That is how I escape the reality that I’m late to work. I used to be anxious thinking about an excuse why I’m late and that is not helping me at all. So this is how I can cope with anxiety issues whenever I’m on a bus.


We all have our reason’s why we want to sit near the window, but here’s few to add.

Thanks for reading my blog.

God bless you  🙂


9 thoughts on “Reason’s Why I choose the window seats on the bus

  1. I always choose the window seat whenever I’m travelling, whether it’s in car, bus, train or plane. I like looking outside and listening to music. I also find it leads to less awkward eye contact with other passengers, but that’s just me XD

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  2. I always choose window seats mostly because I can spend long hours being to myself and think about stuff.. Oh..I did travel with windows open once and same night I suffered from a serious allergy episode🙄

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