Alokozay Black Tea Review

black tea

  “Imagine how miserable life would be without tea”,

Well, I guess only tea lovers can relate to that, anyways this is my first ever product review. I’m a ” Greenteaholic ” and I’m not quite fond of Black tea, I think it’s too strong and pungent for me.The first time I tried Black Tea from what I remember is  I spilled some on my dress because I really cannot take it. I got this from my father and He usually works with his peers from the Middle East.

And because I run out of green tea this morning the cravings lead me the box of Black Tea that I have not opened since the day I got it.

Skeptical about trying it, this time but I tried it anyway.


I got it all wrong “I’m loving it now it has a  nice mild taste good for sensitive taste buds.

It’s not that strong like the first black tea I have tried.I’m thinking  I can add some honey and milk on it and even add some mint.I still have 24  tea bags inside the box :). Maybe I will try to have some tea review for some Black tea brands.I’m excited to try some Alokozay Tea flavors.

** This is not a Paid Product Review

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