Can you Paint My mind ?


What ‘s with the bag ?
seems full of life and mystery
Curiosity lies behind those sheets
and false pretension comes afterward

A sheep with a timid and tranquil facade
lies beneath the  willow of blooms
with no disdain in His Master’s eyes
loving in spite of opened scars

the blood gushing from those hands and feet
and the Spectre of the dawn covered the vest
hope has found its way out of slavery
and run all night to mills of glory

I was a poor soul walking towards the fire and shadows
In the storm and pain, I was leaning towards the wall of death
and the path to life seem narrowed down
And Ambiguity paint its way to my mind

My mind keeps asking and my heart is in comfort
…and now , im in this deep well of darkness
suffocated by my own distracted air
and paced toward the cloudy mountain of doubts

Yet I’m still uncertain which road ?
which path , ?


Catching Waves



You are my summer Solstice

seems there but not really around

we are living in two different worlds

We can’t even meet at the equinox



You seemed so distant like waves
you brushed my feet and let go
no im not inlove with you
I love the fact that im close to you


You gazed the vapors above your head

and wonder where it will go ?
you catch and let go …catch and let go
you feel empty and look for it again

Your’e so occupied to conceal that your empty
and bewildered by things that you don’t see
your mouth is full of butter f lies
You are so wonderful you catch a dreamer by surprise

Your’e a shallow water that hides behind the deep
Your not there , Not around nor anywhere
Your a restless wanderer dwelling in different tents
Looking for something unwavering ..but that’s not there




Fighting the Gravity


Like writting your name  in the puddles; handling uncertainties  is a bit quirky.

I don’t know , Someone told me “don’t put all eggs in one basket” have a gray area in your life to store all the possibilities ahead.But it’s hard for me to focus on many things and think of some place to reserve.

I’m keeping a record of past mistakes and failures, but to be honest I dwell with it so much, sometimes I end up feeling depressed.And came to realized Im only focusing on being intuitive not being practical about things.

So here are some list of  things i find useful based on my experienced.

Don’t trust your emotion.

To be honest Im a sensitive person, so I’m careful, I give myself way so much that others often take advantage of that.It’s tiring I can say, I’ts hard to be all in one for other people, I am afraid of making them upset or somewhat uncomfortable having me around. And feel empty afterwards it’s always been a cycle of up and down, I often end up being at the bottom. I want to understand people way to deep and fail to understand myself.

I realized sometimes I need to see things in different angles, not because you feel bad about other peoples disadvantages  they would feel the same about themselves.

A balance mindsetting is a great way.

Setting aside your feelings.

Feelings come and go like temperature it rises and falls.

you can’t trust what you feel ,yes sometimes it helps but dont be so reliable to it.

It’s is not a great foundation for making stable decisions.

and … please  “Not because you miss the way it feels , it means you need it.

Stop Over analyzing

You have a bunch of list, you knew what will happen next really?

How could it be so predictable?

Sometimes you should let things go , you may ruin  a good decision,relationship  before it begins.

Relaxed man, Stop being so imaginative , stop over fantasizing it may end up a shame.

Let things be in its natural process.

Cover your weakspots


Let people see your weakness but not your weakspots.

what is the difference by the way ?

We are a human we have weakness ofcourse and how much we try to conceal it still shows. Keeping a happy facade, and being so desperate inside Do you think it would  help.

First you need to understand you have weakness, and you have strenghts

Stop hiding it, someday, somehow it will show up it may be a painful experience, destructive personality, or etc.  The more you hide it , it grows.

your weak spot is where you store your strenghts.

The thing is Where will you hide your inner strength, ?

Self ? Money ?People? >>>

You can lose your sanity and  health  , money, loveones.. when everything falls apart how can you handle it?

if your foundation of strenght is weak and unsteady .. how can you survive?

“He (God) gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak…. But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength Isaiah 40:28-31

Go to the one who is the great source of it , Him who has no weakness at all , Let Him be the source of your strenght and you will be victorious over the battles, Let Him be your

give your weak spot on Him and He will make it your strenght.

We fight these world’s gravity everyday , and we need a great source of strength every day We need Jesus ,He is our Cornerstone.

Hope this will be helpful

Hey  , thanks for reading hope you find blessing .


The way to Golgotha



As you follow the footsteps of  the saints the rough road becomes more cleaner , because they have already won the battles upfront.  Their cry made an entrance to a free flowing mercies from the heaven to the ground.We may have hardships and failures but come to think of the one who suffered so much pain on His way to Golgotha, Who suffered shame ,unclothed,  His Open wounds are exposed in burning sunlight while His heart is in deep pain. So much suffering yet so much love that it overflows from the deep wounds in his flesh from His hands and feet that it cleanse all impurities and Sin. This Divine Sacrifice , humble and tamed  like sheep he was led to the slaughter without a voice to defend Himself .

Jesus suffered so much that any human or any living is impossible to endure.

On the way to Golgotha what seems to be running on His mind?, Maybe he can walk away, and forsake us but no he did not do that, Because of His power He  have the authority over the angels to just kill all those people who make Him suffer. But Because of his Radical Love He endured the pain carrying a cross that is much heavier than Him barefooted walking on sharp stones in the heat of the sun.

Are we going to follow Him in spite of pain , loss , failures ? See He made all things new As the Veil was torn from top to bottom so that we can enter freely to the abounding mercy of the Throne of God Because of Jesus.


Now , Are you willing to walk in every Golgotha of Life and Follow Jesus?



The Dangers of going with the flow

636029432989120341385792484_Dead Fish Go With Flow Jack


You might not notice it for now unless you feel the current around you and the control it has taken from you.

Have you ever felt walking on the same path with every people around you and feel dead inside ? Like a zombie. That’s worse than being  dead .

It takes courage to go against the current of this world.





 by John Mason
          I have read some nuggets from the book An Enemy Called Average by John Mason and this quote caught my attention, I was an Insipid salt and flickering light back then, I have no power over my decision, I let other people decide, where we would go, what I I’m gonna do. I want to have friends back then and the only way I thought would be going along with them. And as a baby Christian, I want to tell them something about Jesus but, I’m afraid to do so, I’m afraid that I would be rejected because of it. I’m afraid of being alone and lonely, without any friends that there is a strong power inside me to tell something, to say something. I began sharing the word of God during break time and my co workmates we gathered around and I’m sharing my testimony that’s the first time that I felt being free from something and all of them were a bit amused about my life before Christ. So as a result, I  made some few friends some of my old friends are avoiding me, that kinda hurt a bit but after I realized these things, I’m no longer lonely of being alone because I know God is with me.
 I became more happy being with a small group of friends rather than before.
Besides this is just a simple step to know God more.
Hey, Thanks

The sharper edge

Hey it’s been a while since my last blog updates , the hiatus seems forever . But (sighs) it’s me again, back to my empty canvass.



Have you ever wonder what you could be or what you might be doing up today , If you missed one  crucial  decision in your life ? I know there’s no point of looking back , but come to think of it now,? take your time to ponder.

I realized i whined  too much about my current situation without realizing that I’m so blessed. And I’m still blessed ,I’m still fortunate.

Iv’e been knocked out by  my personal issues ‘, anxiety and narrow views in life , without focusing my views in wider picture . I do repent on how , stupid I am to realized these little things , some foolish decision’s out of emotions and looking back , I should be like this , I should be doing these by now .

Having those remorseful thought is such a waste of time and energy . So I will practice these principles , and apply it in every decision I make .

What i have learned …

***Don’t ever make any decision out of  emotion .

***Stop saying negative things or just shut my mouth even in negative situations.

***Not being pessimist here but it is better to think of the worst without affecting  positive views in life , so that my mind could be prepared on whatever results , and also disappointment’s crushed the spirit it hurts deeply you know.

“Expect a miracle and prepare for the worst ”

Remain faithful and trust , PRAY < TALK TO GOD  before talking about your problem to anyone in this way He will help you  have a clean heart and peaceful mind so that you can think wisely , thus God give’s Wisdom

James 1:5 

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.


Faith should be sharpened by practicing faith , as well as mind can be sharpened by thinking so stop whining about your life and Pray for wisdom from God .



Hey Thanks 🙂




4 Lies you might keep on telling



1. I’m ok or It’s ok  

  this is a time-worn lie that we are still using up until today, to conceal things up, to pretend that we are not affected by certain issues, or to portray that we are ” so good at keeping things up”.

Cryptic words mostly used by women.

This is usually partnered by a fake smile and escape strategies.

Well, I think there’s nothing wrong with saying ” I’m ok or it’s ok ” unless you really mean it and you don’t want to make things a bit complicated for you.

but the thing is sometimes we are getting used to it that other people might take advantage our passivity and this is a self-torture as well.There are times that we need to be bold and honest with what we really feel about things.



2.I’m happy for you  

Same as the first one, this is a  time-worn lie that conceals bitterness over other people’s  advantages.

This lie can be awkward without faking a smile.



We do love to make people happy and avoid drama.Remember bitterness is a poison to our heart.A simple way of living a happy life is to stop comparing yourself to other people and be happy with what you have.

When you see your friend or other people prosper and you rejoice with them with honesty and love and you don’t feel envy even if you have a greater need. Besides bitterness won’t change your situation either, so choose to be happy.


3. I don’t care

   In an optimistic view, this lie can be beneficial in some ways, ignoring negative things and problems is a way that you can lessen your anxiety. Sometimes you really need to say it to prevent issues.

but there are times that we need to be sensitive to what other people around us might feel.

You can often hear this as an expression.




4. I like it, or I love it 



                                      Well, you really care about what other people might feel and you don’t want to hurt their feelings.Even if you don’t like your friend’s new Girlfriend or your Wife ‘s  new recipe, on the other hand, we should be honest and be bold to what you really feel.Make them understand your point of view besides, “Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. Prov 27:6


These are some list of lies that you might be telling today, sometimes we are not aware of the things that we do and say and realized it once it comes out of our mouth.

We need to be mindful of the things we say  because Jesus said;

“What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”Matt 15:11


Matthew 15:18

But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂